[Scribus] A question and a problem

Bernard Meylan bameylan
Wed Aug 16 13:53:19 CEST 2006

First a question:

what is the difference between a "cvs" version (for ex. Scribus 1.3.3 
csv win32 snapshot [why "snapshot"?]) and a "normal" version like

And my problem:

I have the Win version; I'm busy with a layout with musical 
pages; yesterday I finished my work with 11 pages and today I have added 
5 pages for continuing the score, result: the automatic page numbering 
working no more since the 12th page... all the next pages have normaly 
the text box above for the number of the page, but they are empty... the 
page numbers of the 12 first pages are visible. I think I have do the 
things correctly (by the program preferences and the document 
preferences), I try also to use a older version (the 1.3.3 cvs) but... 
nothing to do: no more page numbres since page 12... Maybe I forgot 
something, but what?

Thanks in advance for the answers.


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