[Scribus] EXTREME speed and other issues with

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Fri Aug 11 10:12:16 CEST 2006

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> Hi Peter,
> rpm -qa qt3
> qt3-3.3.5-58.3
> The strange thing is can run lots of other apps simultaneously without any
> issue. Having open OO.o with a 200 page text, including heavy formatting
> and lots of images, and editing a 40 MB image in GIMP, while running
> Seamonkey with 12 tabs open and writing emails with KMail is no issue at
> all. I can even watch a movie or listen to some music, but simply
> crawls with nothing else running besides KDE.
> I'm really at a loss here.

Hi there,

I have also OpenSuse 10.1 with Scribus and several other (CVS-) 
versions. I never encountered such problems. Still yesterday evening, I was 
working with Scribus on a complex document, compiling in the 
background, listening to music and so on, there were no problems (2.3 GhZ, 1 
GB RAM, KDE 3.5.4).

I compiled on my own, didn't used the RPMs.

Today in the evening I'm not at home (Yeah, party ... ), but tomorrow we can 
try to do some "debugging" via IRC ... ? 



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