[Scribus] EPS in PDF?

Craig Ringer craig
Mon Aug 7 10:01:54 CEST 2006

Terry Brown wrote:

> but it didn't seem to make any difference on the EPS import... but I 
> think I was too harsh in my initial judgment of the EPS import.  It 
> looked odd because a gradient filled polygon had disappeared, no 
> doubt for the :origin out of polygon" reason you describe.

That shouldn't be a factor in EPS import, as the Scribus gradient 
support for gradients is essentially the same as the gradient support in 
PostScript 3 (AFAIK).

I'd recommend filing a bug with a screenshot, description, and the EPS 
attached. It'll help make sure the issue isn't forgotten and can 
hopefully be fixed when someone has the time to go digging in the EPS 

Craig Ringer

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