[Scribus] Suggestion for Frames

Thomas Zastrow listen
Sun Aug 6 20:57:17 CEST 2006

Riku Leino schrieb:
> Louis Desjardins wrote:
>> Better still, but I think it is already on the
>> to-do list, to have Frame Styles and give them keyboard shortcuts...
>> This would be super fast and super efficient, imo. How it would work
>> is simple: when nothing is selected on the page, just hit that
>> keyboard shortcut and the corresponding frame appears, all set.
> Well yeah and I remember talking with you Louis about this at LGM (or was it 
> some earlier thread here) and based on that I've implemented (half way) the 
> shortcut addition to styles in the new Style manager. Please, bear with me 
> but it is improving daily. SM was started for that we could have an easy way 
> to create all kinds of styles and would have a consistent looking and 
> behaving place to edit and apply them. Frame styles will be the second new 
> style available. Character styles are already in and semi working.
> The idea about creating an object based on style clicking, I'm not too sure 
> about that. Where exactly would this apply and what type of frame should be 
> created when a frame style is clicked without selection? What should happen 
> if some other style is clicked, character style for example? With a frame 
> style there'll be all the default frame options plus the options for all 
> kinds of frame types it's possible to apply to. What I mean is that a frame 
> style would probably have these sections: 1. General Properties, 2. Text 
> Frame Properties, 3 Image Frame Properties and 4. Shape/Polygon Properties. I 
> probably even forgot something. Now when clicking on a frame style with no 
> selection what frame type should be created? Should there be a check box for 
> each frame type that could be set to only one of them to create a frame of 
> that type when this style is clicked. I'd also like to hear what should 
> happen when clicking on some other style (paragraph, character or even 
> hyphenation style like CS suggested) without a selection.
Very good to hear that there will be frame-styles in the future! Can't 
stand using them!!!

Just my 2 cents:

I think, that frames are the fundamental elements of a Scribus-doc. So, 
perhaps it should be OK to handle frame-styles a little bit other than 
other styles ...?

Agreeing with Riku, there are two differnent  properties of a 
frame-style: 1.) General ones and 2.) Content-specific ones (Text, 
images and so on). When creating a frame-style, the general properties 
are no problem: They can be filled with the standard-values like every 
new frame gets already now. Then, the content-specific ones have to be 
defined. Here, the most important one is the content-type. When this 
property is defined, I think it could be possible to activate a button 
"Create new frame".

These are just my ideas ;-)




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