[Scribus] Curious problem with PDF-export

Thomas Zastrow listen
Thu Aug 3 19:36:22 CEST 2006


I build with Scribus under Linux a document with a lot of 
color-photos in it. Because my Inkjet doesn't work under Linux, I 
exported the doc to PDF and started Windows for printing.

Under Windows (Acrobat Reader 7) the doc looks terrible: The colors of 
the photos are nearly gone, as if you desaturate a picture in Photoshop. 
When I print the PDF from Acrobat, the result is the same.

Back into Linux, I took a look at the PDF: In Acrobat Reader 7 under 
Linux it looks perfect (!), but now in KPDF the colors are all gone ...

I think, this seems to be a PDF- and not a Scribus-problem, but perhaps 
it has something to do with the PDF-export?

If you think it would be useful, I can take some screenshots.

Best and thank you,


P.S.: Personaly, I solved the problem this way: Opening the doc in 
Scribus under Windows and printed it directly from Scribus ... ;-)


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