[Scribus] Importing picture with transparence?

Helge Hielscher hhielscher
Wed Aug 2 22:04:25 CEST 2006

On Wed, 02 Aug 2006 22:22:37 +0300, Riku Leino wrote:

> Thomas Zastrow wrote:
>> I have a little problem: I created in Gimp a picture with transparency.
>> Is it possible to save this picture in Gimp in a way that, when
>> importing it into Scribus, the transparency will be there in Scribus too??
> Have you checked the background color of your image frame? If you see white 
> there it's probably set to white instead of None. That's the most likely 
> reason tp is not showing up in scribus that i can think of.

Ah thank you. Just set it to gray in the preferences. White on white does
not make lots of sense for empty image frames if one has "Show Frames"
disabled, does it?


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