[Scribus] CMR - international consignment note

Bogdan Malinowski bm
Wed Aug 2 00:08:06 CEST 2006

> What exactly was your problem here? From what I've seen, everything
> works as expected: go to Page 2 / right click on your image frame / Get
> image/ select the green image / go to Properties -- Image Tab / click on
>  "Scale to frame size" => done. Does this procedure not work on windows?
> If yes, which Scribus version?

Maciej - in few cases i tryed put few images in one document and in this  
few cases - only first image was loaded, all next images was loaded, but  
they were not shown in PDF-file. i cant say it is a bug - because i didnt  
checkt it exacly, i know Scribus only 2 weeks, but it can be. My Scribus  
verssion is at Windows(2K&XP)

I need you to put CMR-image in right colour to each page (red to red,  
green to gren). as i told you on my Scribus i can use only one images -  
soo i used black one. if you would be so niece and send me Scribus and PDF  
files with this action ?

> If I get your intentions right, Public Domain:
> http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_domain would be the right choice,
> meaning no restriction at all. Deal?


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