[Scribus] Filling in forms which are supplied as PDFs

Morten Langlo mlanglo
Sun Apr 30 19:38:56 CEST 2006

s?n, 30 apr, 2006, 17:09:40 +0100, skrev David Goodenough:
> On Sunday 30 April 2006 12:45, Morten Langlo wrote:
> > s?n, 30 apr, 2006, 12:14:22 +0100, skrev David Goodenough:
> > > On Sunday 30 April 2006 11:38, Morten Langlo wrote:
> > > > l?r, 29 apr, 2006, 11:35:17 +0100, skrev David Goodenough:
> >
> > It is this form you talk about?
> >
> > 	www.companieshouse.gov.uk/forms/generalForms/287.pdf
> >
> > Acrobat Reader for linux reads this form very well, and you
> > _kan_ fill in the fields, and then print to printer or to a PS-file !!
> > - I have just tried it again!!
> >
> > Morten
> OK, I installed acrobat 7.0.5 as packaged for Debian from the marillat 
> site.  Reading the help I should have a Document Bar from which I 
> should be able to turn on Highlight Fields.  I can not find a Docoment
> Bar, or any way to turn on Hightlight Fields.  Can you point me at
> the right place please?

If you move the cursor to just below the tools-bar, its shape changes 
to two horizontal lines with an up and down arrow, if you then right click
the mouse you can choose "show document message bar" (the cursor must 
not touch the tools-bar) and you should get a yellow bar above the 
document, where you find a check box "highlight fields".

But, in acroread 7.0.1, this is not needed to fill in the fields.

If in Edit->preferences->Forms 
you remove check-mark for "Always hide forms document message bar",
then this "yellow bar" pops up when you open the document, if any 
forms is found in the document!

> Also when I move the cursor over a field the pointer changed from
> the hand to an arrow, not an i-beam.  According to the Help this is
> required for being able to fill in a text field.

Try to move the cursor a little bit up and down, and its shape 
might change to I-shape, when you find the writeable field.

I do not do anything special to fill in  the form just: 
 * Open the document, 
 * click on a field and start writing. 
   Pres TAB to get to the next field


Morten Langlo
8550 Ryomg?rd

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