[Scribus] Filling in forms which are supplied as PDFs

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Sat Apr 29 12:45:34 CEST 2006

David Goodenough napisa?(a):
> I have just gone through the process of moving the registered office of my
> company, and the form (in the UK a form 287) is available as a PDF.  But
> presumably in order to make sure that I do not change the form it is 
> password locked.
> The instructions with this form say that the boxes should either be filled
> in typescript or bold black capitals.  My hand writing, even my block
> capitals has never been wonderful (sometimes I can not read my own
> handwriting), so I would rather use typescript, but I no longer possess
> a typewriter.
> I could spend time trying to line up a document produced using either
> something like Scribus or a word processor, but that would be easier
> if I could include the PDF as a background, then I could put frames 
> over each box and type in the values.  This would then also mean
> that I could print the PDF and my answers in one go, rather than 
> having to line the answers to a sheet on which I had previously
> printed the form.
> Is this possible with Scribus (the PDF is not in a format that Scribus
> will open as a document), or could it be added easily?

Could you place this form somewhere for everybody to see? I would try to
convert this form to PostScript, e.g. on Linux with:

 pdf2ps input.pdf output.ps

and import the resulting output.ps into Scribus. Then simply put a
second layer on top of it and .. whatever you desire :)



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