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Peter Barnes scribus
Sat Apr 29 12:30:56 CEST 2006

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> Peter Nermander wrote:
> > The problem in this case, as I see it, is that the question was 
> > asked in English and the (final) answer given in French.
> But this is merely an exception that proves the rule (so to speak) --
> Raphael, I think, perceived that a French response was the most
> efficient and useful to the questioner. We've had questions change
> language for this kind of reason. Sometimes you give what someone wants,
> sometimes what he needs.
> Greg

Thanks, everyone, for discussing this issue and for making clear the poicy of the mailing list. I may not agree completely, but that problem is mine, not yours. I think the suggestion that the policy is stated somewhere obvious is good because otherwise there will be others who raise the issue again in the future (and then I will probably be saying, "Oh no, not that again!").

Don't get me wrong, I like variety in language and dialect. I am English - but northern English living in the county of Somerset in South-West England. I don't undestand everyone here and they don't all understand me. And just to the north is the Welsh language...and to the west, Cornish. I know more of Raphael's French than Welsh or Cornish!

A great characteristic about the Scribus mailing list is that there can be robust discussion without getting "flamed". And humour.

Have a good weekend!


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