[Scribus] serious mac trouble

frank gaude' tanzen
Tue Apr 18 03:20:53 CEST 2006

Steve Herrick wrote:
> While I was doing some repairs to my Ubuntu machine, I decided to try
> out Scribus on the Mac. It's pretty good, with a few glitches here and
> there. However, then my Mac also started having trouble - hanging and
> whatnot. I don't blame that on Scribus. However, after one
> particularly traumatic restart, I discovered that my System
> Preferences were largely reset, as were my preferences in Firefox and
> several other apps. Meanwhile, my work in Scribus was completely gone
> - both the original file and the .bak file were turned to gibberish,
> as if they were binary files. I've looked them over in vim and several
> other text editors, and there's nothing even remotely recognizable.
> I've given up hope of recovering them, but can anyone at least explain
> what happened?
> Steve
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Two possibilities come to mind: 1) hard disk failure, 2) RAM errors.


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