[Scribus] image resolution problem

Tom Hicks tom
Sun Apr 16 19:45:55 CEST 2006

> Thanks for the work on this.
> I have a bit more info. I either changed something related to PDF
> output or I was having a brain dead moment when previously testing
> this. The problem I'm now seeing is that PDF output is correct
> (respecting the resolution of my imported image). However, bitmap
> output (either JPEG or PNG) is downsampled to 72dpi regardless of what
> resolution I output at. The resulting bitmap is the right size in
> terms of number of pixels (e.g. an A4 size page outputs to ~2500x3500
> pixels at 300 DPI) but all of the elements (bitmaps or text) are
> output as though they were 72dpi resulting in severe pixelation when
> viewing the image at 100% zoom.
> Sorry for the previous misinformation. FYI, I'm using qt-3.3.4 and
> libart_lgpl-2.3.17 (if that makes a difference).
> Joel
Hm, I might be mistaken, but i seem to rememberthis being discused on 
yhe list before (eg a year ago maby) i think someone said then that 
image output was just for previwing or somthing

actually, ive just searched the archive, so can back up my clame that 
image export was ment to be just for a preview

and this bug probably applies to the 1.2.* series


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