[Scribus] Where deleted text goes...

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat Apr 15 23:27:07 CEST 2006

?ukasz Jerna? wrote:
> Dnia pi?tek, 14 kwietnia 2006 20:09, Gregory Pittman napisa?:
>> This is something I noticed a while ago and forgot to mention, but it's
>> still there in 1.3.4cvs:
>> When you select text and Delete it (Del key), it goes to the clipboard,
>> just as if you do Ctrl-X.
>> At least some (many?) other programs differentiate these two operations,
>> so that when something is deleted, it's deleted (gone), though some may
>> allow an Undo to retrieve an accidental deletion.
> Hmm, as far as I know the text goes to the X clipboard, if you're using KDE 
> maybe check your klipper settings
I guess you're right...it just seems counterintuitive or an unnecessary 
duplication. (Del = Ctrl-X...sometimes) I can't find anything in the 
Klipper settings to change this.
And it only goes to Klipper if you press Del with selected text. 
Individually deleted letters (not selected) go nowhere.


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