[Scribus] GUI language problems

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sat Apr 15 15:29:47 CEST 2006

> Yes, I understand that. But the bug is that if you're going to go
> from French to English (on a locale French machine), you need to go
> through another language to make that happen. Otherwise, the program
> stays on the settings based on the locale set up. This is what
> Michael describes and this is what I get as well. Maybe this bug
> don't show up depending on the locale settings. Anyway, this is new.
> It was working fine before.

I see it, and its because the blank is somewhat the same as en.. so no change 
is enforced. Its probably been like this for ages though as nothing has 
changed in this area at all.
> >Running from command line, you will need to specify the path to your 1.3.x
> >installation.
> Thanks! Just don't know the command to specify that path!

/where/you/installed/scribus/scribus -l fr

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