[Scribus] Debian/Ubuntu scribus-ng

Greg Hill bettyandgreg
Fri Apr 14 14:06:23 CEST 2006

HI Samps:
Sorry I should have mentioned that my distro is also Ubuntu Breezy, and yes, 
it's "just plain nice!". I have tried Red Hat, Mandrake, Suse and a couple of 
others, but I finally settled on Ubuntu. It's not perfect, but then again, 
what is?
I thought my problems with Scribus might have been a QT issue, but Craig tells 
me it's a temporary problem, so instead of compiling from source (I can do, 
but don't like doing it with Ubuntu) I think I'll just wiat for the next 
issue and then install the next one from Synaptic. That way I'm almost 
guaranteed no problems. I say "almost" because look what just happened. I 
must say, this is the first time since Hoary Hedgehog that Ubuntu has failed 
to perform as expected, and it turns out not to be an Ubuntu problem after 
It's great to be able to get such wonderful support from this community. I 
can't picture trying to get this level of help anywhere else. You guys are 
terrific. Thanks.

On Friday 14 April 2006 02:40, Samps wrote:

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> Greg,
> I too am running Ubuntu with KDE (isn't it just plain nice?), Ubuntu
> Breezy Badger to be precise.
> I installed Scribus-ng plus the docs, using Synaptic. I now have a
> 1.2-something version of Scribus, the Scribus-cvs and Scribus-ng
> installed and all working.
> I can not replicate your problem. I can create  a picture box, move it,
> resize it, import photos into it, replace the contents etc....
> I have only tried this using JPGs tho', as those was the only photos I
> could find.
> sorry 'bout that
> Samps
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