[Scribus] Have I got or 1.3.3 on Ubuntu?

Peter Barnes scribus
Wed Apr 12 13:04:19 CEST 2006

I noticed that Synaptic Package manager in my Ubuntu now shows (in addition to "scribus" "scribus-cvs" 1.3.3-1 listed under "latest version". I decided to risk installing the cvs because I have only just started exploring Scribus and have not yet created any serious documents, i.e. not much to lose.

After installing it through Synaptic I find that "About Scribus" says it is 1.3.3 and gives the date 27 March 2006. Now I'm puzzled - have I installed 1.3.3 or (And does it matter?) I try to do my installing from what is available via Synaptic because I'm not familiar with the more hands-on approaches.

If this is really a question for the Ubuntu Forum then please feel free to send me away!

Another clue about the version may be that the menus do not display properly - if I click open the File menu then slide the cursor to the right, the File menu stays open when it should close and be replaced by the open Edit menu.

Thanks for any clarification!


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