[Scribus] about 1.3.3 WinXP

Meechmunchie meechmunchie
Mon Apr 10 15:05:53 CEST 2006

PLinnell schrieb:

>> Here at me after a time it feels like that Scribus runs full of
>> water like a big cup. Then Scribus doesn't hang up or crash. No,
>> it's just doing nothing after "making clicks" oder runs very slowly
>> from one second to another. These all sometimes, not everytime.

> 1) Do you have virus software running in the background ?

I've tested the machines several times with several AV software. No 
signs of any malware or similar.

This "strange behaviour" of Scribus I've seen on 1.3.2-Win, 1.3.3.-Win 
and 1.2.1-Debian.

But now it isn't less an actual problem for me. Just some minutes ago I 
installed the Next days I wanna test this build in detail.

> 2) Is system restore running a snapshot in the background.

There's no software for that installed. No Norton or anything similar.

> a: poorly maintained machines

I don't think that all machines on that I've tested Scribus are really 
poor maintained.

> b: ones which have too many background tasks running

The only task wich's running all the time is Mozilla Thunderbird. And 
Antivir Personal.

> c: virus applications which drain performance 

But I not noticed any diference with this AVP tool activated or 
deactivated.> d: virus or spyware infested machines

> Moreover, the certain system defaults in XP IMNSHO are pretty awful 
> e.g. "helpfully" hiding all the those system tray applets, too much 
> animation silliness, etc., all which suck the performance and hog 
> memory on Windows.

All themes, the service too, and animations are deactivated. Msconfig 
says my computers are "mostly clean". In my home machine there are 512 
MB RAM installed, here at work about 768 and more.

> In my own experience on my wife's laptop it is a necessity to shut off 
> both virus scanner and system restore, plus a bunch of other 
> non-essential services to make it even usable. With those running on 
> a M1.5 with 512mb of memory,  my elderly PII-450 with heaps of ram 
> running Win2k runs faster

 > That said, I have been testing the Windows port, along with the Aqua
 > and Windows port. There are *some* areas where Linux has more speed
 > and *some* where Windows has more speed all things being equal. There
 > are quite a few variables which can affect the performance which are
 > outside of Scribus code.

But how there can be such small differences in working with Scribus on a 
P?-800 and i.e. AMD-Sempron-64 @ 2 GHz and similar, indipendent from OS ?
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