[Scribus] Text import using tags - any progress?

Le Tigre scribus
Sat Apr 8 17:10:10 CEST 2006


as you may know, my english is a bit poor, but I'd like to explain the 
kind of thing that we (at "Le Tigre") need, and you might tell me if you 
think it's possible or not to manage it for next versions.

I have to say first that I've found a strange method for making what 
what I want, but it's not really great.

We receive many texts, from many softwares (OOO, Word on Win, on Mac, 
etc.). Those texts may have some italic, bold, etc. What we want is to 
keep those italics when importing to Scribus, but we also need to give 
the text a style, which is called "Texte_normal" and is our basic style.

The method we use is: save the document in OO with a font that Scribus 
doesn't know (eg Nimbus Roman, which is on OO, but not on Scribus). *Of 
course* we'd better save the document in OO with the final font 
(Century), *but* I didn't manage to install fonts in OO...
Then we import the text in Scribus, and use the function that replace 
the font (Nimbus to Century, Nimbus Italic to Century Italic, etc.).
Then the text is in Scribus, with the good fonts, but not size, ledaing, 
So we check what is the style that had been imported from OO, and then, 
we erase that style and replace it with the "Texte_normal". And then 
it's ok.

Not very powerful, and also not great when I want the same thing for 
another final font (eg for footnotes)
What would be great would be: when we import the text, Scribus would 
say: the style is that, with that font, etc., would like to replace it 
with that style...
But but but the problem is with italic: because italic is another font, 
so we should be able to change the normal font AND the italic font, AND 
the bold font. Am I clear? (Something that would say to Scribus: if this 
text has italic in Nimbus, you have to keep the italic in Century).

Don't hesitate to ask me if some things weren't clear - because I think 
that this import from text with the keeping of italics is very useful.

Thank you very much


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