[Scribus] A success ... and a surprise :-)

Craig Ringer craig
Sat Apr 8 04:07:36 CEST 2006

Craig Bradney wrote:

>>Conclusion: Scribus is a Linux-program. As that, it works much more
>>faster on Linux than on Windows. But, independently of the OS, it's a
>>very usable layout-program which also works fine with complex documents.
>Funny, some say its faster on Windows :) Glad to hear the nice story though, 
Yep, just last week I think we had someone saying they found it faster 
on win32, and thought that was pretty weird for an OSS app. It probably 
depends on things like your video drivers, X server, etc.

Internally, Scribus doesn't really care what window system it's 
displaying on. The drawing operations are the same. The chances are that 
any differences are within Qt, rather than Scribus, when it comes to 
display output.

Craig Ringer

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