[Scribus] Torture testing Scribus

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Fri Apr 7 22:03:36 CEST 2006

Am Freitag, 7. April 2006 18:00 schrieb Peter Talbot:
> Meechmunchie wrote:
> >>Plus she was frustrated because she really wanted to do a good job ...
> >
> >In my eyes that is the point. She wanted to use it. And not thinking
> >about the philosophy of OSS.
> >
> ><irony>
> >  And hey, if the developers don't want that people "cry" that don't have
> >  any interests in OSS and its philosphy, they shouldn't give their work
> >  to the public.
> ></irony>

Meechmunchie still doesn't get it. I'm curious whether he would also complain 
about pre-alpha or beta versions of Illustrator or Quark, which are also 
availabla for testing purposes, except that one has to pay for this (most of 
the time, that is).

> Since certain folks seem to be using this as a forum to cut Scribus
> down, let me add my voice to those that have had few to no problems with
> it, and have used Scribus with success where other proprietary software
> tools failed. (Most notably Quark on pre-OS X machines.)

Exactly. One has to wonder how LeTigre ever managed to see the light of day if 
Scribus were such a complete failure.

> Scribus is a fine, fine and powerful product *as it is right now*, and
> my thanks go to the many dedicated people who have given up their time
> and energy to make it what it is today, and will be tomorrow.

Yes, absolutely! Some people should never forget that the developers sacrifice 
much of their spare time to make this possible. Instead of complaining and 
posting cynical comments, it would be more helpful to give something back and 
help to fix existing bugs by filing bug reports.
> This is *not* an appropriate place to flame the developers over
> frustrations. 99+% of all computer problems, in my experience, come out
> of user error, and poor project planning. A first-time user should
> expect to shed some tears using a program of this scope, (God knows my
> fiance has shed many learning CAD.) and what a little girl cries over
> yesterday she tends to triumph over in time. This list exists to help us
> all save a little frustration by providing a forum to answer questions
> one cannot find nowhere else.
> (That's certainly not the only reason it exists, but from my selfish
> user's perspective...)   =)

That's one of the main reasons this list exists. And it's one of the best and 
fastest support "organisations" I know :)

> If I have misunderstood the intent of certain postings, I do apologize.

I don't think you did.

> To the idea that a gift should not cause stress, I say that the best
> gifts often do. One should not be angry with someone who gives them a
> car which eventually needs new tires. That is the nature of cars.

Especially if the car has label on it "Be careful, it's not ready for real 
world traffic. It may be, but you have been warned."

> Scribus is a godsend. Thank you.
> Peter



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