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Nicholas Vettese nvettese
Fri Apr 7 21:01:18 CEST 2006

That is how it works.  But try not to think of it as "unstable", but rather 
"not for production".  Much of the code is still being tested throughout 
this process, and as they go along, they find what is wrong, clean it up and 
make it stable.  There is a Roadmap of what will be in the 1.4 series of 
Scribus, and using that roadmap, they know where they need to be, and what 
needs to be finished before calling it 1.4.

Once they have all the features implemented, then they go into a feature 
freeze, and nothing new can be added to the list of features.  While in that 
phase they work to squash all the bugs they can find, and clean up the code. 
After that they can then start the Beta testing, and then the final release.

I hope this helped to clear it up.


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> Peter Nermander wrote:
>>> To me, this is one of the confusing things about advice on the list.
>>> When people ask about some feature that doesn't exist on 1.2.x they are
>>> told to use 1.3.x, but when they complain about some rough edges in
>>> 1.3.x, they are told they shouldn't be using 1.3.x for "production 
>>> work."
>> The Scribus  project uses a convention (same as Linux kernel if I 
>> understand right) that only "even" version are considered stable. "Odd" 
>> versions are development versions and their focus is not aimed at 
>> stability but improvement.
>> So, 1.2 is the current stable version, the next stable version will be 
>> 1.4.
> I guess what you're suggesting is that the entire series of 1.3.x will
> be unstable, then magically 1.4 will be stable?
> Greg
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