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> >One girl wrote 
> >me a note saying that Scribus developers should be hunted down and strung 
> up.
> That's sad. There is a lot of good stuff for the future in this project. 
> but there's a long way to go, too.
By the way, the girl involved is planning on a European tour this summer.  
Any European devs might want to be on the lookout for a tall, rather good 
looking girl dressed in black and carrying a noose.  (Just joking about the noose 

Also, would anyone be interested in seeing the worksheets I did for the 
Scribus section of the class?  They aren't great, partly because I was learning the 
program as I was writing them, but they might be a decent starting point for 
someone else teaching or learning Scribus.  I would be glad to share them for 
non-commercial educational use if they add anything to the mix that existing 
tutorials don't.
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