[Scribus] Idea for full bleed workaround during layout

Scott Karns scottkinsf
Fri Apr 7 18:17:42 CEST 2006

Greetings everyone.

I am starting work on a small book that I plan to have
printed by lulu.com. I've chosen a book size, 9" x 7",
and have read their recommendations for submitting
full-bleed PDFs -- 1/4" outside, 1/8" top and bottom,
so page size in the PDF is 9.25" x 7.25".

I've played with an approach to making the final page
dimensions apparent during layout and wanted to check
with the list to see if anyone sees any problems with
this approach before I get too far along. I did a
quick check on the wiki, and don't see anything like
this, so here it is.

*Step 1*
Create master pages of the full-bleed dimensions
(9.25"x7.25") with all extras like margins and page
numbers layed out as desired.

*Step 2*
Create document pages from the appropriate master
pages. Add a filled black rectangle of the same size
as the page at (0, 0) so it exactly covers an entire
page. I call this rectangle the "bleed layout mask".
Make sure the "bleed layout mask" is at the bottom in
z-order. Lock its location and size. Check the
no-print option for the "bleed layout mask."

*Step 3*
Create a rectangle of the final page dimensions
(9"x7") filled with white and having no line for its
border. Position this "page background" as appropriate
for the page instance (left or right), Make sure the
"page background" is just above the "bleed layout
mask" in z-order. Lock its location and size. Check
the no-print option for the "page background."

Now, I still have pages that are the desired
full-bleed dimension, but show a black perimeter
during layout for the portions that will be trimmed
after printing. During layout, I can enable printing
of these extra layers when I generate check PDF's so I
can verify my document with some final layout clues
still in place. I just have to be sure to check the
no-print options for these layers before generating my
final PDF.

I've tried some test cases, and don't see any reason
other than the added complexity for not doing this.
Comments or thoughts?


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