[Scribus] "Floating" page?

Peter Barnes scribus
Fri Apr 7 10:43:39 CEST 2006

Sorry but this question could turn out to be like my last one about how do I edit text in page layout!

In Scribus, is there a way to move the page (not the window) about on the screen as there is in Pagemaker (PM)? In PM I can hold down the Alt key and use the mouse to move the page in any direction and by any distance. The page moves but the application window stays in its original position. I find that very useful and use it all the time, especially at higher zoom magnification. In PM jargon, the page is moved about on the pasteboard.

Please don't feel I am trying to turn Scribus into PM but I have used PM for 10 years and naturally begin to feel (quite wrongly of course) that all DTP software must work the same way! The trouble is that when you come to Scribus (or any other application) as a newbie you tend to find all the things that you think are missing first, and only get to the exciting new things later.


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