[Scribus] Text import using tags - any progress?

Peter Barnes scribus
Wed Apr 5 18:51:45 CEST 2006

Thanks for the update - this sounds like it will be very useful and will be appreciated by all those like myself who are more interested in text and black & white than pictures and colour ;)


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> Subject: Re: [Scribus] Text import using tags - any progress?
> Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 19:11:52 +0300
> As part of the great breakage part 2. text importing will also be broken at
> least what comes to formatted text importing. To fix this I've found a
> sponsor to let me concentrate on Scribus and improving it's text importing
> options. COSS http://www.coss.fi/en/ (sponsor) has accepted my plan about
> creating a new Get Text plugin api for text importers. Related to this I've
> also commited to create text importers for RTF and ODT (current ODT importer
> is only a dirty hack on top of the SXW importer) and create a filter plugin
> where output of these file type (odt, sxw, rtf...) importers' can be directed
> and where things like S&R, style remapping, style applying based on tags and
> other things like that can be done. Filter will be pretty close to what we
> now have as "Text Filters" importer for plain text files but it will allow
> one to filter formatted text files as well. So to answer your question, yes
> it is coming. Time frame for my work will be from the beginning of June till
> the end of August (during this time i'll be able to fully concentrate on
> Scribus).
> ps. My initial plan that i submitted to Coss was in finnish. I'll translate it
> and post here for your comments and additional ideas that could be included
> in my little project.
> Riku
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