[Scribus] Text import using tags - any progress?

Craig Bradney cbradney
Wed Apr 5 18:08:37 CEST 2006

On Wednesday 05 April 2006 18:01, Peter Barnes wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> About a year ago I corresponded with the Scribus mailing list about several
> topics. I was intending to switch to Linux and wanted software on which to
> continue my newsletter DTP work. But then pressure of work prevented
> further exploration. Also, I was impressed with Scribus but concerned about
> a few features, essential to me, that seemed to be missing from it.
> Now I have switched all aspects of my computer work to Linux (Ubuntu 5.10)
> except for DTP and have returned once again to explore Scribus (v.1..2.4.1
> on Ubuntu). I still have a number of conerns and problems so I guess these
> would be best dealt with by sending them as individual messages to the
> list.
> My first concern is that a year ago there seemed to be an assumption that
> there would soon be a facility for importing text files saved as RTF.
> However, after a year I cannot find this in the import dialog - is there an
> intention to make it available or not? What I am looking for is the
> opportunity to import text in RTF with character formatting intact (italic
> etc) and using tags for paragraph formatting (as I have done in Pagemaker
> for many years with RTF files edited in WordPerfect and with tags mapped to
> single keystrokes).
> I know that Scribus can import fully formatted Open Office files with
> paragraph and character formatting but I find word processor paragraph
> styles terrible to work with when editing and moving text fast and
> frequently. Tags are much safer and easier to work with.
> The above is not meant as a complaint about Scribus - I still think it is a
> very good application but I need to sort out whether it is ever going to
> replace Pagemaker for me.
> I would be grateful for any clarification on this topic (and on the others
> which will undoudtedly follow!)

You can do style application on import via tags through the use of the 
TextFilter importer. I'm sure Riku will explain more.. 

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