[Scribus] Text import using tags - any progress?

Peter Barnes scribus
Wed Apr 5 18:01:43 CEST 2006

Hello everyone,
About a year ago I corresponded with the Scribus mailing list about several topics. I was intending to switch to Linux and wanted software on which to continue my newsletter DTP work. But then pressure of work prevented further exploration. Also, I was impressed with Scribus but concerned about a few features, essential to me, that seemed to be missing from it.

Now I have switched all aspects of my computer work to Linux (Ubuntu 5.10) except for DTP and have returned once again to explore Scribus (v.1..2.4.1 on Ubuntu). I still have a number of conerns and problems so I guess these would be best dealt with by sending them as individual messages to the list.

My first concern is that a year ago there seemed to be an assumption that there would soon be a facility for importing text files saved as RTF. However, after a year I cannot find this in the import dialog - is there an intention to make it available or not? What I am looking for is the opportunity to import text in RTF with character formatting intact (italic etc) and using tags for paragraph formatting (as I have done in Pagemaker for many years with RTF files edited in WordPerfect and with tags mapped to single keystrokes).

I know that Scribus can import fully formatted Open Office files with paragraph and character formatting but I find word processor paragraph styles terrible to work with when editing and moving text fast and frequently. Tags are much safer and easier to work with.

The above is not meant as a complaint about Scribus - I still think it is a very good application but I need to sort out whether it is ever going to replace Pagemaker for me.

I would be grateful for any clarification on this topic (and on the others which will undoudtedly follow!)


Peter Barnes

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