[Scribus] Importing real text frrtom (E)PS files

PLinnell mrdocs
Wed Apr 5 14:39:02 CEST 2006

On Wednesday 05 April 2006 14:10, Julian Robbins wrote:
> Hi
> I am have huge problems in importing real editable text from any
> (e) ps file I create then import into Scribus.
> Firstly is this possible? I would think so, but whatever I have
> tried only will import the text as polygons.

This is a current limitation of the EPS/PS importer. It has been 
dramatically improved in 1.3.3, but there is more to do.

Converting text to outlines within EPS/PS is the 'safe' method, if you 
will, to avoid problems with subset or missing fonts with text during 

I have wrestled with this on other applications, especially situations 
where the EPS is created on a Mac, and then you subsequently try to 
import while on a Win32 system.

Fonts+EPS issues is one of the reasons PDF has become so popular in 

That said, I hope Andreas will work on this in the future, but he is 
quite busy working on the new text layout bits.
> I really want to export some files from Coreldraw into a
> semi-editable format in Scribus, but although bitmaps and some
> vectors come through ok, text never has. I have tried various
> permutations of piping stuff through GSView with 8.53 GS but to no
> avail.
> I have tried some really simple tests where I create a file with
> just text, and although GSView can export text correctly from it,
> and PDF export also keeps the text editable, these files as PS
> files will not import as real text in Scribus.
> I'm using 1.33 full, both Windows and Linux versions, and 8.53 of
> Ghostscript.

The only way to extract the text is via GSview as you outlined, then 
import separately. 

In general, I avoid text when importing vector files into Scribus 
whether it be SVG or EPS. I prefer and recommend text be imported and 
massaged natively.


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