[Scribus] OT: Inkscape color question

PLinnell mrdocs
Tue Apr 4 23:18:45 CEST 2006

On Tuesday 04 April 2006 22:51, pixelnate wrote:
> Gregor Fellenz wrote:
> > pixelnate wrote:
> > [...]
> >
> >> That is unfortunate. So at the risk of beating a dead horse, is
> >> there a vector illustration app for linux/OSS that does support
> >> CMYK?
> >
> > good question, but probably better asked at the inkscape
> > mailinglist.
> Ugh, another mailing list. You are probably right though.
> > in the art lab thread there was a notion that the newest
> > development version of inkscape implemented littlecms, which
> > means this will do more or less the same like your workflow with
> > scribus.
> >
> > in my point of view there is not much worth in converting cmyk
> > values from an svg in cmyk values in a pdf  through a color
> > management process.
> >
> > most of the time you've a special cmyk value for your printwork
> > and don't want to get strang .x values.
> Yeah, I think the best route is to just take them into Illustrator
> and fix them. Bummer. I started this project with the hopes that I
> could complete everything on linux with OSS tools. Now I know that
> was a bit ambitious. Maybe next time, eh?
> Thanks for your help.
> ~Nate

Depending on the content, not necessarily..

Here is how I get good CMYK color matches with vector:

Install 1.3.2+

Make sure color management is installed and working OK in Scribus

You *have*  to have a proper monitor profile (see 
http://lprof.sourceforge.net) Without one all bets are off.

Activate CMS with soft proofing enabled. eg "Simulate Printer on 
Screen" Hopefully, you have a printer profile selected which is 
fairly close to your actual print conditions.

Export EPS/SVG from Inkscape and do any color corrections making sure 
all colors are CMYK in Scribus. One hint the colors are correct is to 
disable temporarily color management and note the color shifts. eg 
Deep Green CMYK will look hugely over saturated when CMS is disabled.

I have done color covers with very specific logo colors which matched 
up *very* closely to the pantone spots used to create the original 
logo in Illustrator.

Exported PDF should match very very close to print.


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