[Scribus] OT: Inkscape color question

Gregor Fellenz gf_public
Tue Apr 4 22:02:28 CEST 2006

pixelnate wrote:
> Gregor Fellenz wrote:
>>pixelnate wrote:
>>>Can any body help me understand why a color in an Inkscape .svg that is 
>>>defined as c-0 m-100 y-100 k-0, shows up as c-1.18 m-96 y-91.3 k-0 when 
>>>opened in Illustrator? Is there any way to change the color space of an 
>>>Inkscape .svg file?
>>nope, at the moment the svg specification does not support cmyk... and
>>inkscape hasn't added a namespace for cmyk like sodipodi did.
> No kidding?! Well that explains it. I just assumed that it did by virtue 
> of the fact that you could pick a color by CMYK. Hmm. Is SodiPodi worth 
> using at this point? I have not even downloaded it yet.

the color picker was implemented to choose cmyk colors not to save them
:-) i've found that also really confusing.

sodipodi is not really under developmenmt anymore and the pdf/eps export
wasn't too good... anyway check the page and see if there's anything
going. i can't even remember if sodipodi exported proper cmyk to pdf/eps.


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