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Łukasz Jernaś deejay1
Tue Apr 4 19:22:21 CEST 2006

Dnia wtorek, 4 kwietnia 2006 18:41, pixelnate napisa?:
> OSS tools are certain to woo users away from the world of proprietary
> software and vendor lock-in. That is why they are so scared of linux,
> et. al. The reason why I got involved in this discussion was because I
> see so many people screaming that all of the open source apps everywhere
> are always the best tools for every job, and the fact of the matter is,
> that is simply not the case.

You're right here - and I think nobody here thinks that that if you can't do 
something in OSS apps you must live with it - I always use the best tool to 
do my job (as long as I can afford it...). But the overall mentatlity is that 
one must use *shop/*studio for thing X, just because it's commercial 
and "industry standard" not acknowledging that there are other tools that 
also get the job done (like buying 6000 MS Office Pro licenses when 90% of 
users just use Word for really simple files, 8% Excel and  2% other apps from 
the package - true story :/)
Also note that in the OSS world feedback is greatly appreciated, because most 
of the projects are rather young when compared to the commercial ones (note 
that Photoshop's history is going back to the year 1990!).
Regarding the article - university is there to teach you the thing you need to 
know about your job, not the tools - it's up to anyones will to choose the 
right tools for him - for example I can't get used to PS interface, I'm still 
searching for things I've used before and it's badly designed from my point 
of view (once again: only mine, 99% of the users can like it). If someone's 
teaching graphic design he should also teach other apps - and I mean teach 
and not just show that they exist. If anyone thinks that one should bring 
knowledge of PS from school he's wrong - it doesn't bring them real life 
experience anyway, work conditions are so different from school ones that 
it's easier for me to learn Japanese ;)

Oh, I forgot to mention it - if you miss something in an app post a 
bug/feature request, help write some code or give some testcases (I've seen 
you are willing to provide one example - that's good) - without feedback we 
can't improve, but with feedback I mean something serious not some random 
bashing like other people do...

?ukasz [DeeJay1] Jerna?

P.S. If you see some trademarks above they are of course registered by the 
proper owners, they not used for commercial purposes, I do not endorse them, 
I do not work for any of those companies nor my relatives work there.
P.S.S. This should keep some of their lawyers from sending me threat 
letters ;)
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