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Le Tigre scribus
Tue Apr 4 21:04:34 CEST 2006

> I think limiting the point of view to a pied-de-nez or to free software is a 
> pretty narrow one (I'm not saying this is what you're saying!). To me the 
> free software is pretty much only the starting point as opposed to everything 
> that can be made, and its implications into socialty. I'm sure in many years 
> only will people see the importance FOSS software has played. Right now it's 
> more considered as an underdog, something you work on until you're "hot" 
> enough to buys the full blown almighty Creative Suite god.
The conclusion of my article (http://rdereel.free.fr/volLQ1.html) was: 
Les logiciels libres sont aussi la r?alisation concr?te d?une utopie, o? 
la propri?t? et l?individualisme sont abolis. C?est pourquoi ceux qui 
font de Richard Stallman un marxien convaincant n?ont probablement pas 
tort, et, aujourd?hui, l?on ne voit gu?re d?autre issue au monde 
capitaliste que la voie suivie par les milliers d?informaticiens 
pratiquant les logiciels libres. Un petit pas pour leur ordinateur, un 
grand pas pour l?humanit?.

That I could try to translate like that:

The free softwares are also an actual execution of an utopy, where 
property and individualism are abolished. That's why the people who say 
that Richard Stallman is a convaincing marxian [?? in French there's a 
difference between "marxist" which means "communist" and "marxien" which 
means "like the economical theory of Marx"] might be right, and, today, 
one can't see other way out from capitalism than the way that follow 
thousands of programmers who work on free softwares. One small step for 
their computer, one giant leap for mankind.

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