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Ludi Maciel iludi
Tue Apr 4 15:49:37 CEST 2006

Em Ter 04 Abr 2006 08:14, ?ukasz Jerna? escreveu:
> Dnia poniedzia?ek, 3 kwietnia 2006 19:17, Ludi Maciel napisa?:
> > Em Dom 02 Abr 2006 19:58, Christoph Sch?fer escreveu:
> > > Am Montag, 3. April 2006 00:52 schrieb Louis Desjardins:
> > > have you also read the comments?
> >
> > Today's Inner Thought: My teachers were wrong, in these days the tools
> > makes the professional...
> > Damn! Why did I listen them?!
> You can always come to my school - quote "What? You're not using MS VS.Net
> 2005? 2003 is total crap" (I remember someone saying something similar when
> 2003 came out but about the previous version)
> Nowadays schools tend to make students addicted to software, even if I
> would make my project completely compiling, working and at first glance not
> different from those made in VS.Net I would fail to pass, just by using the
> wrong developement environment...)
Yeah, usually the TI guys (that sold their souls to the Ballmer in the Gates 
of 'devel').
All this buzz around that thread was already expected by me.
I had similar arguing many times with different people, but the most annoying 
one, was with the self-called 'Art Director' of the LM from Brazil.
To cut right to the chase, the guy simply doesn't understands that Scribus is 
just a tool (*very* handful indeed) and you could easily create a magazine 
using it (in association with others tools/programs).
Some people just try to find some little tiny (virtual) gap to say "Oh, this 
is a peace of shxx, trow it away, PhotoChoop 666 do wayyyy better".
The worse is that I'm still having this kind of conversation even in my PG 
(but they at least are from AM, so that explain the alienation :)

This has something to do with the recognition of design (and it's sub-groups) 
as a profession IMHO (but this is another endless conversation) .


Desenho Livre
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