[Scribus] Vector graphic?

Craig Bradney cbradney
Tue Apr 4 01:05:15 CEST 2006

On Tuesday 04 April 2006 00:50, Frank Cox wrote:
> On Fri, 31 Mar 2006 17:25:52 +0200
> Craig Bradney <cbradney at zip.com.au> wrote:
> > > I am getting some custom plastic bags printed and made my design using
> > > Scribus (of course).  I sent the artwork in to the bag manufacturer in
> > > PDF format, assuming that pretty much all printing work seems to use
> > > PDF.
> >
> > Have you tried EPS or SVG export?
> The end of this story is that I managed to create a SVG file using the
> Scribus export function that looks perfect on my computer.  When I first
> tried, all I got was the graphic in my SVG file, the text was missing. 
> After converting the fonts to outline, I got a SVG file that looked good
> and contained everything.
> I emailed it to the bag printers on Friday and they initially said that a
> SVG file is exactly what they want.
> I called them again today to find out why they hadn't got a proof back to
> me for signature, and they said that the SVG that I had sent them was
> missing the graphic; all they could see was the text.  Actually, the first
> guy I talked to said that he could see all of the text but no graphic.  The
> next guy (who actually does the printing) said that he got only half of the
> text on his machine and no graphic.
> Ultimately, I guess they just got tired of dealing with me in regard to
> this matter.  They said that they have done the conversion to what they
> need themselves using the PDF that I originally sent them, and have faxed
> me a proof that looks like it is supposed to.
> So I guess that's that.  I'm getting the bags that I need manufactured and
> printed, but still don't know what the problem was.  And may never know,
> now.

I guess I would have tried EPS first... depends on what they used to view it..

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