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Craig Bradney cbradney
Mon Apr 3 21:49:11 CEST 2006

On Monday 03 April 2006 21:38, Gregory Pittman wrote:
> pixelnate wrote:
> > This guy was pushing his open source agenda on the paying students
> > taking his class. Unless there is an alternate class where the students
> > get to use 'real (working) world' applications, this guy is doing them a
> > disservice.
> One of the things a university education is supposed to do is to open up
> your mind, and hopefully in the case of art students, open to the idea
> that the creativity is in the mind of the student, not in the software.
> For a student to get hung-up on whether or not they're learning the
> commands for this or that other piece of software suggests they should
> have just gone to a technical school.

100% agree. Uni should be teaching you how to think not what to think... or in 
this case.. what design is about, not what a program to *help* you design 
(it, not design for you) is about.

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