[Scribus] Scribus in the Art Lab

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Apr 3 21:38:13 CEST 2006

pixelnate wrote:
> This guy was pushing his open source agenda on the paying students 
> taking his class. Unless there is an alternate class where the students 
> get to use 'real (working) world' applications, this guy is doing them a 
> disservice. 
One of the things a university education is supposed to do is to open up 
your mind, and hopefully in the case of art students, open to the idea 
that the creativity is in the mind of the student, not in the software. 
For a student to get hung-up on whether or not they're learning the 
commands for this or that other piece of software suggests they should 
have just gone to a technical school.
> I guess what I am trying to say here is that I am happy to see a lab 
> like the one in the article, but I believe he is misguided to think that 
> not knowing the industry tools will somehow help the students he 
> teaches. While OSS tools are getting better, Adobe and Quark have about 
> a decade head start on the likes of Scribus and Inkscape.
And if this were the case, why would you ever check back again, and why 
ever bother to leave messages suggesting that Scribus can never succeed? 
You may be talking to the wrong audience.


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