[Scribus] Paragraph with gray background

Thomas Koll tomk32
Thu Sep 22 15:51:44 CEST 2005

Hallo Andreas,

Am 22.09.2005 um 15:37 schrieb Andreas Speck:
> I'm using Scribus for the layout of our newsletter "The Broken  
> Rifle" -

Super, bin ja selber Totalverweigerer ;-)

> I'm now working on our next issue, where I would need a paragraph  
> with white
> text on a gray background. This is a normally one line headline  
> within longer
> text - in fact country headings in a list of countries, with a  
> little bit
> of information in a different style. Is there a way to define they  
> gray background
> as a paragraph style sheet, or will I need to put gray boxes behind  
> each
> of the one line headings (which would be 10-15 headings)? As the  
> headings
> can still move, as text gets changed, this would be annoying (I  
> would need
> to leave it to the end).

Sorry, that's not possible.
But you can write a python-script which could create the colored box  
with the same
width as the text-frame and a pre-defined height. moving it behind  
the text-frame is
not possible with the scripter but should be easy to implement.

see the scripter api

ciao, tom


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