[Scribus] Paragraph with gray background

Andreas Speck andreas.speck
Thu Sep 22 15:37:55 CEST 2005

Hi all,
  I'm using Scribus for the layout of our newsletter "The Broken Rifle" -
we just moved away from QuarkXPress recently. Everything's great, and we
had the first issue professionaly printed, and no complaints from our printers
- so PDF export worked perfectly.

I'm now working on our next issue, where I would need a paragraph with white
text on a gray background. This is a normally one line headline within longer
text - in fact country headings in a list of countries, with a little bit
of information in a different style. Is there a way to define they gray background
as a paragraph style sheet, or will I need to put gray boxes behind each
of the one line headings (which would be 10-15 headings)? As the headings
can still move, as text gets changed, this would be annoying (I would need
to leave it to the end).

So - if it's possible, please let me know how.

Otherwise, thanks for a great applications (although I will need to file
some bugs when I find the time).

Andreas Speck
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