[Scribus] Announcement: Postscript 3 3017

Craig Ringer craig
Fri Sep 9 21:58:15 CEST 2005

On Fri, 2005-09-09 at 21:43 +0200, Johannes R?schel wrote:
> Possibly thats interesting for Scribus...

The release of a new Adobe PostScript engine would generally not be all
that noteworthy. The official Adobe PS engine is used in professional
RIPs (both for presses and for large-format printers etc), and also
embedded in decent quality printers. Either way, it just consumes the
output that Scribus produces... and we're still constrained by
PostScript 3 in that.

However, the text of that announcement suggests that Adobe are pushing
harder to get smaller RIPs and embedded units to support PDF-to-device.
This makes me a very, very happy man. Of course, it won't have much
immediate effect, as (a) lots of printers use "PostScript
emulation" (non-Adobe RIPs that are often inferior, and won't support
PDF), and (b) lots of people still use 10-year-old RIPs, especially for
large format printers and imagesetters.

Still, the day that PostScript support can be removed as obsolete (or
handed off for gs to take care of via pdf2ps) sounds like a nice one to
me. As it is, it's probably getting toward time to start spooling PDF
rather than PostScript when printing, letting CUPS sort it out. IMO we
just have to wait for gs 8.x to filter through to more distros.

With PDF print jobs, if a job plays up I can chuck it through PitStop.
That's likely to be *very* nice with the setup at work.

I really hope Adobe have integrated PDF support so deeply into this
embedded version that customers can't remove it. I'm sick of having to
use PS3 to talk to even modern workgroup printers.

Craig Ringer

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