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*SAN JOSE*, Calif. -- Adobe (NASDAQ:ADBE 
has stated that Adobe? PostScript? 3^(TM) version 3017 is available for 
original equipment manufacturers. For the first time, PostScript 
software will be delivered in two editions to address the needs of the 
graphic arts and enterprise markets. The Host Edition of Adobe 
PostScript 3 version 3017 is tailored to creative professional workflows 
to benefit designers and print production professionals. The Embedded 
Edition will be built into office laser printers and MFPs 
(multi-function peripherals) to expand the number of devices that 
support Adobe PostScript and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) print 
workflows, without sacrificing security and reliability.

Adobe PostScript 3 <http://www.adobe.com/products/postscript/main.html> 
is the page description language standard for millions of high 
performance printing systems, print workflow solutions and desktop 
printers. It provides core functionality for rendering complex images, 
text, graphics and color, and provides reliable, high-quality output 
across devices, from office printers to high-end digital production 
systems including the latest and most advanced digital color presses. 
Version 3017 supports direct printing of Adobe PDF 1.6, the latest 
version of Adobe PDF introduced in Adobe Acrobat? 7.0 software.

"This new version of PostScript is significant for two reasons. It 
speaks to the important role PDF plays in document production and 
distribution, and the need for direct PDF printing," said Angele Boyd, 
IDC's group vice president of Imaging & Output Solutions Research. "It 
also speaks to the need for cost-effective PostScript with direct PDF 
printing in entry-level color devices."

Host Edition for Graphic Arts

Adobe PostScript 3 Host Edition was designed for commercial printing 
workflows. New features include support for Adobe PDF 1.6, the ability 
to handle multiple color channels, embedded OpenType fonts in Adobe PDF 
files and full transparency support, for improved performance with 
complex documents. The Host Edition is also capable of processing 16-bit 
color images, file sizes greater than 2 GB and paper sizes greater than 
200 inches and enables users to print 2-D PDF renderings of 3-D images. 
The Host Edition of Adobe PostScript builds on the company's commitment 
to standards with support for Job Definition Format (JDF) and provides 
greater compatibility with Adobe Creative Suite 2.0, a complete design 
and publishing environment that has revolutionized creative workflows 
worldwide. The Host Edition is available on the Microsoft? Windows?, Mac 
OS X, Linux?, IBM AIX? and Sun? Solaris^(TM) platforms.

"Over 20 years of PostScript development and innovation gives Adobe a 
deep understanding of documents and print workflows," said Don Walker, 
general manager of Publishing Technologies and Services Group at Adobe. 
"Adobe PostScript and PDF continue to be the technology foundation for 
enterprise, production and graphic arts print devices and workflows. The 
evolution of Adobe PostScript 3 version 3017 to meet the needs of 
specific market segments demonstrates Adobe's commitment to support the 
changing print landscape."

Embedded Edition for the Enterprise

Recognizing increased corporate sensitivity to confidential information, 
Adobe PostScript 3 version 3017 Embedded Edition supports Adobe Acrobat 
7.0 security features including AES encryption and printing of digital 
signatures for office workgroups. The Embedded Edition is designed for 
more resource-constrained devices than the Host Edition and is optimized 
for workgroup printers and MFP devices. The reduced size of the Embedded 
Edition will enable OEMs to use the technology in more of their devices, 
delivering the benefits of genuine Adobe PostScript and Adobe PDF 
printing to the enterprise workplace. Adobe PostScript 3 Embedded 
Edition is available for the MontaVista Linux 
<http://www.linuxelectrons.com/article.php?story=20050906183526725> and 
VxWorks platforms.
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