[Scribus] Subject: Big Project - Question/Comments

Marshall Lake mlake
Mon Oct 31 20:00:30 CET 2005

I appreciate all the comments and suggestions with reference to my 

I've decided to do the HTML by hand based upon a couple of comments here 
and the fact that I know HTML.  Doing it by hand will give me better 
control of the code.  (There will be many changes to the content as time 

So, that leaves the PDF version.  My reason for wanting a PDF version is 
mostly for possible printing ... either specific pages or the entire 
project.  One person mentioned that the size of my project (5 MB of text 
plus many, many images) will be difficult to work with.  It will be easy 
to break the project into sections if that's what is needed.  People have 
mentioned LaTeX (which I'm not familar with but willing to learn), LyX, 
OpenOffice, AbiWord, Scribus (of course), www.rsane.com, and 
www.docbook.org.  Keeping in mind that I have no experience with creating 
PDF documents which of the above applications is easiest to work with for 
PDF output?  Is there a difference between the above applications in the 
quality of the PDF produced (from one person's comments it seems that 
Scribus produces the best quality PDFs ... true?)?  Is there a difference 
between the above applications in supporting whatever options there are 
with the contents of PDF documents?  Again, as time passes there will be 
multiple changes to the content.  Does that fact make a difference in 
which application I choose to create the PDF document?

One thing that I have in mind is that I probably won't be producing a 
complex PDF document in the initial version of the project, but I may want 
to include more complexity in future revisions.

Is there anything else I should be considering as far as creating a PDF 
document goes?

Marshall Lake -- mlake at mlake.net -- http://mlake.net

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