[Scribus] Linux Font Editor?

John Jordan johnxj
Sat Oct 29 21:00:02 CEST 2005

On 29 Oct 2005, at 9:45, John Jordan wrote:

> I spent some time this morning trying to get the TIPA fonts 
> installed on my Windows computer. 

OK, I did it. I found a trial version of Crossfont (Windows program) 
that did the trick. I now have them installed on my Windows 

But all was for naught. These fonts appear to be encoded so that 
you use caps and other characters to insert the characters. Thus, 
there are no real caps. Evidently you are supposed to use some 
other fonts for regular typing and switch to these fonts when you 
want an IPA character. That is not useful to me. I am looking for a 
font like Gentium which has everything in one font. Except Gentium 
has only regular and italic, no bold or bold-italic, and it lacks a lot 
of other typesetting niceties (true small caps, ligatures, etc.). Plus 
it is owned by SIL.

Another problem with the TIPA fonts is that they are not complete --
 no combining diacritics, for example. In fact, they have few 
diacritics at all.

If I had the time I could learn to use Fontforge and then use it to 
redo these fonts, adding the missing characters and changing the 
encoding to unicode standards. But that project is not possible for 
me at this time. :(

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