[Scribus] Linux Font Editor?

SJP bharatiya
Sun Oct 2 23:33:20 CEST 2005

To all those, that feel disappointed as far as LaTex
is concerned(and who have been damaged by M$ Win:
I had my share of disappontments and disasters with
M$ and with M$ Word. These have been banished from
my system once and for all. I got Linux up and
running(was not easy, I admit, but there is a big
community out there, ready with help). My next step
was documentation! I have worked on Quark(not a professional)
but I could not afford it and for me it was not necessary.
I got a small introduction to LaTex from a "not-a-very-professional"
book. Just as Christoph did, I got hold of Kopka's book.
If you ask me what my first example was, it was none other
than "Hello, World". Here it is
    \textbf{Hello, World}

All I used is my favourite editor "vi", saved it to hello.tex
and issued the command latex hello.tex followed by xdvi hello.dvi!

> > In my linguistics classes I could never learn the subject just from 
> > the textbook. 
I agree to a certain extent. I gave up my Masters (M.A) in English
Literature, since I had to "record" text from the books and then
"vomit" it on the paper!
> Once the prof has explained the subject in a lecture 
> > and there has been a class discussion of it, only then does the 
> > textbook finally start to make sense.
Or selfstudy. Tedious but challenging and interesting
> I'd say the learning curve for Scribus or any other DTP software is 
> steeper than for LaTeX ;)
Christoph, you have hit the nail on the head. I have made much progress
in LaTeX but am still struggling with Scribus. But it is worth it.
Struggling with LaTeX and Scribus is better than sufferung under M$.

As far as Fonts are concerned, John, I would (personally) say, that
LaTeX would be where you would be fine. 

I personally found Tex a hard nut to crack, though interesting!
As far as IPA is concerned, I would certainly suggest LaTeX
(the suggestion is loaded with bias, I admit)

With best regards,
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