[Scribus] Linux Font Editor?

Tobias Hilbricht hilbricht
Fri Oct 28 10:26:17 CEST 2005

Am Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2005 22:48 schrieb John Jordan:
> On 27 Oct 2005, at 12:43, John Jordan wrote:
> > I double- and triple-checked that I typed the filename correctly. Does
> > anyone know what I did wrong? And while I'm asking questions, why do
> > Linux dudes insist on making filenames that are impossible to type
> > correctly? :)

There is a system behind these strange debianish package file names. And you 
do not have to type the full name if you use synaptic or aptitude, for 
example; even if you use the command line, then, given that there is only one 
file starting with tipa in your current directory, you just type "tipa" and 
press the tabulator tab, and the file name is completed automagically. Try 
> OK, ignore the above. I found that it was listed in Synaptic as
> xfonts_tipa. I installed it via Synaptic.

I do not have Ubuntu, but I have Debian Sarge. If I ask to install xfonts-tipa 
here, then the package I named in my previous mail (which is tex/tipa) is 
installed as well (and has to be installed for xfonts-tipa to work).
> But I still have a problem. The installation via Synaptic went without
> error, but the fonts do not appear in any application's font list.

If I do as said above, then it works out of the box not only with TeX, but 
also with Scribus. Please consult the Ubuntu manual on installing packages 
there, but I think it will be the same there.

Yours sincerely

Tobias Hilbricht

Dr. Tobias Hilbricht
Linopus Satz und Grafik

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