[Scribus] scribus-cvs on breezy, was Re: N00b Stupid Table Question

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Thu Oct 27 21:03:45 CEST 2005

Oleksandr Moskalenko wrote:
> * Maciej Hanski <ma_han2000 at yahoo.de> [2005-10-27 02:31:47 +0200]:
>>Oleksandr Moskalenko wrote:
>>Alex, I have to disagree, we don't know enough yet to say, the issue is 
>>not there. My experience, documented in this issue:
>>shows that:
>>1. The missing widget issue went away only after _manually_ installing 
>>qtconfig_qt3 (not in package dependencies) and logging in with a newly 
>>created user (hint from P.Linell)
> Your qtconfig_qt3 suggestion is invalid. As my analysis showed you had insane
> MAINWINDOW settings in the ~/.scribus/scribus13.rc file. Changing them
> resolves your issue. However, we'll go one step further. The window decoration
> problem is going to be gone for good once avox implements max window size code
> to force the main Scribus window to not exceed the root window size for your
> desktop. 

Glad to hear, the issue will be solved. Thank you for your analysis.

I might add qtconfig to the Suggests for the package to show users
> that it might enhance their experience, but an absolute dependency is an
> overkill as Scribus _can_ be run without qtconfig.
You are right, it can be run without qtconfig, but since I cannot change 
  Scribus GUI font face on Ubuntu/Gnome without using qtconfig, and 
Scribus launches here with default GUI font face that doesn't contain 
non English glyphs (try "scribus --lang pl_PL" or "scribus --lang uk" 
for example), qtconfig seems to be rather a necessity in international 
desktop environments.

>>2. Font issue persists, I had to _manually_ change font settings in 
>>qtconfig to get the Polish glyphs properly displayed in Scribus GUI
>>3. Font size of Scribus GUI persists: even after setting font size in 
>>qtconfig, Scribus ignores this setting.
>>4. My custom settings were  "out of the box" Ubuntu setting after a 
>>fresh installation with Polish locales.
> Well, I did a fresh installation with a US english locale. I might try a
> different locale to see what happens. But that's a separate issue. let's get
> the window decoration stuff out of the door first

Agreed, lets separate the issues -- what do you think of the revival of 
http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=2751 ?



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