[Scribus] Scribus 1.3.1 -- Color copier is counting B/W pages as color and overcharging us.

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Thu Oct 27 16:44:56 CEST 2005

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>On Thursday 27 October 2005 10:53, Robert R. Di Giorgio wrote:
>>  I publish a monthly 24-page brochure (12 pages printed 2-up).  4 of the
>>  double pages have color on them, the rest are all B/W. The output is fed
>>  as a PDF to our Kyocera color laser copier, which is counting every page
>>  as color (charging 10 cents extra per page). Is anyone else having thhis
>>  problem? Does anyone know what to do about it?


We are facing the same problem with our new Creo/Docucolor. This is 
still under investigation. We found that color data remains in the 
resulting PDF file (or Quark XPress file) when a picture is embeded 
into an Illustrator file which is in turn imported into Quark. No 
matter whether the pic is set to grayscale or anything else. I have 
no other clue so far but will be posting info as soon as I get it.

Something similar must happen with your Scribus' PDFs, I guess. I 
didn't test that.

On the overcharge field, I can only suggest of trying to establish 
good communication with your vendor. They basically have no interest 
in keeping you unsatisfied by charging the extra money for something 
you didn't ask for. In our case, the problem is new and did not 
happen with the other version of Creo. So, the file is not the only 
factor in the workflow. It must be the way it is processed, 
"understood" by the rip. Xerox people fully understand that and we do 
get credits when this happens, proofs in hand!

I hope this helps.


>  >
>>  I'm asking Kyocera to analyze the PDF file and find if there are any
>>  errors in it that are causing this. I'll get back if they come up with
>>  anything.
>I doubt there will be any errors. The issue might be something like we set the
>colour type per document, or per page but use only one value. AFAIK we do not
>support B&W vs RGB vs CMYK per page... but maybe Franz can answer this.
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