[Scribus] Character-by-character placement in PDF

Bart Alberti bart
Sun Oct 23 03:54:10 CEST 2005

From: "Suki Venkat, [TnQ]" <skvenkat at tnq.co.in>
> There is already an indirect way to do latex2sla:
> (1) latex->RTF (see http://latex2rtf.sourceforge.net/)
> (2) RTF->SXW (use openoffice writer)
> This can be turned into command-line rtf2sxw utility.
> (I think there is also tex4ht tool that even can do direct
> sxw format).
> Openoffice SXW format can then be opened imported as
text-stream using
> Get Text within OpenOffice.
Actually latex2rtf is rather poor, and is quite difficult to
install, even, and I have tried over several years.
Apropos of widows and orphans it seems to me that slovenly
habits got started not simply with laziness but with the
inevitable effects of the old mechanical typewriters. Since
you had to retype every page to change anything that took
more than a word or a line to correct, nobody could care
about widows and orphans especially since the typewriter
used monospace fonts. With computers this all changed. Now
when attention is not paid to proper layout, you cannot
imagine how easy it is to look for pages and seem to see
nothing on them and so leave the last page behind. Then one
is explaining something and lacks the true conclusion.
Moral: I think THREE line ought to go on every page at
They say the Knuth algorithm for justification and paragraph
formatting used in TeX / LaTeX is the best in use anywhere.
Is Scribus' as good?
By the way: it used to be a 'typewriter' was the person who
wrote on the 'typewriting machine.' (Also, an 'employee' was
known at first as an employe (accent e').).

Bart Alberti

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