[Scribus] Character-by-character placement in PDF

Suki Venkat, [TnQ] skvenkat
Fri Oct 21 07:39:04 CEST 2005


There is already an indirect way to do latex2sla:

(1) latex->RTF (see http://latex2rtf.sourceforge.net/)
(2) RTF->SXW (use openoffice writer)
This can be turned into command-line rtf2sxw utility.
(I think there is also tex4ht tool that even can do direct conversion
sxw format).
Openoffice SXW format can then be opened imported as text-stream using
Get Text within OpenOffice.


(1) Tables don't work. Quoting from a later e-mail: "First, Scribus'
table features are quite rudimentary at the moment and tables do not
work very well. This will be rewritten in 1.3x."
(2) Maths don't work. You need to bring them in as EPS strip-ins through
dvips -e option as the OpenOffice math equations are themselves of poor
quality (although they support advanced unicode cut and paste features
features which none of the commercial or non-commercial math package

I think some more work in Scribus is required before these things can
work perfectly. 


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