[Scribus] Page Import Question

Carol Kankelborg cckborg1
Sat Oct 22 17:46:13 CEST 2005

Craig Bradney wrote:
> On Saturday 22 October 2005 01:15, Carol Kankelborg wrote:
>>PLinnell wrote:
>>>On Friday 21 October 2005 23:40, Carol Kankelborg wrote:
>>>>Last year, when manually imposing logical pages into
>>>>a booklet form I used the Page->Import... option. This
>>>>imported the contents of each page from one document
>>>>into the existing pages of the new document. This year,
>>>>I tried this and when I try to import 1 page from the
>>>>old document, the whole page (paper size and all) is
>>>>inserted into the new document. Is this a change in
>>>>function or a bug? Is the old function still around
>>>>under a different name?
>>>>Right now I'm grouping the content of each page,
>>>>sending it to the scrapbook and moving it into the
>>>>new document. I'm a little panicked right now as
>>>>I only expected the imposition step to take a
>>>>little bit of time and wanted to get the doc
>>>>to the copyshop today. Any immediate response
>>>>is appreciated.
>>>There are two methods in 1.3.1 or 1.3.2cvs, which you can import the
>>>content or import the page wholesale.
>>>In the dialog there is the option to create a page, which is off by
>>>default. Is this checked?
>>>At least with current 1.3.2cvs, you have not lost the older type of
>>Thanks Craig and Peter for such rapid responses.
>>The "Create Page" button is unchecked and the before/after dropdown
>>menu is grayed out when I do the import.
>>The imported page is half-letter sized. The page I am trying to import
>>it into is letter/landscape sized. It appears that the imported page
>>overrides the size of the target page -- which is why I thought it
>>added a new page. (After deleting the imported page
>>I later discovered that I had one fewer pages in my target document than
>>when I started.) Sounds to me like this is a bug. I have the latest (to my
>>knowledge) fink unstable version (X11/scribus 1.3.1-1) under Mac OS X
>>I did work around the problem by grouping/send to scrapbook/move into new
>>document. Tomorrow I can isolate the problem and send some example files.
>>(I've got some other possible bugs I've come across as well I'll work on
>>documenting :~)
> When you import it it looks like it adjust the page size for you (remember, 
> 1.3.1+ can have varying page sizes and orientations in the same doc). We need 
> an option there on import (bug 2753) to not resize the page.
> To fix the page size, just go to Page, Manage Page Properties and reset it to 
> Letter.
> Craig

    Sounds like the problem is already being looked at so I don't need to file
a bug. I had not been aware that varying page sizes was possible in 1.3.1+.
That will be a cool feature -- there's been lots of times I've wanted to have
that option in a word processor.  I tested out your suggestion of "Manage
Page Properties" and it worked.



Carol Kankelborg

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