[Scribus] different paragraph-Styles from scripter (1.3)

Ralf-Diether Ebel ebel
Fri Oct 21 07:18:37 CEST 2005

Good morning scribers!
I have a problem with applying different paragraph-styles to a text via 
the scripter.
My code is like following:
setText("ABC"+chr(13),ob)  #chr(13) should be paragraph -or?

Regardless what I do, the hole frame has always the same style, 
normaly the last applied. Even if I again select the first 3 Letters and 
assign to them Style1 everything has style 1.
This happens with the very last 1.3cvs.
Can anyone try this or show me my error (if it's mine)?
Ralf-Diether Ebel

Gruß Ralf-Diether

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